First Year Inauguration and Orientation Session

The inauguration of the Batch 2022 – 2026 was held on 12 January 2023. Dr. Venkataramana, Head of the Department, Ahalia School of Optometry and Research Centre welcomed the new batch of students and their parents. The Principal, Dr. Sajeev Cherian Jacob gave the introduction to Ahalia School of Optometry. Dr. Krishna Kumar, Executive Director, delivered the Inaugural address.

Orientation for the First-Year student (Batch 2022-26)

On 13 January 2023, the class incharge, Mrs. Lathika R. addressed the students and oriented them on the policies of ASO and motivated them. Ice breaking sessions were conducted to engage the students and to make them know each other. She introduced the subjects of study in the first year.As a part of introducing the faculty members to the freshers, an interaction session was conducted on 16 January, 2023 between all the faculty members and the freshers. This helped the students to feel comfortable with the faculties.Our Faculties Mr. Rashad Ibn Muhammed and Ms.Sruthi  interacted and discussed on the various topics related to their field of study.Ms. Bashriya conducted an activity on 17 January 2023 for all the students. This helped the students to know all their classmates and build a good rapport.The students were given awareness on Fire and Safety measures available in the campus. The session was handled by Mr. Vivek and Mr. Prathin, from the Department of Fire and Safety on 18 January 2023. The demo session helped the students understand the importance of Fire and safety.On 19 January, 2023 the students were taken to the rock garden as a part of the Campus Tour. Mrs. Lathika R and Ms.Athira.S coordinated the campus tour.