Head of Department

Message from H O D - Dr. K. Venkataramana


Optometry is a health care profession i.e. autonomous, educated and regulated, and Optometrists are the primary health care practitioners of the eye and the visual system who provide comprehensive eye and vision care, which includes refraction and prescribing both correctional spectacle and contact lenses or eye exercises, detection or diagnosis and management of diseases in the eye, and the rehabilitation of conditions of the visual system, or referring for further management.

Ahalia School of Optometry has recorded consistent improvement in its academic, research and placement performance. It offers a range of innovatively designed programs whose curricula are constantly updated to meet the changing requirement of the industry and also to meet the needs of the people who are visually disturbed.

We believe that our students have been well accepted in their job profiles and have consistently exceeded expectations. During study at the department, the students are encouraged to get hands-on experience in the various community eye camps and clinics. In their curriculum they are encouraged to take up mini projects to supplement theoretical knowledge with practical experience. They also undertake projects benefiting the college and the hospital along with dealing the local problems. These projects enable them to understand the relevance of working in a group and also help them to realize the finer aspects and importance of teamwork. We also encourage students to organize events such as Arts Fest, and other cultural events, participate in those events organized by other colleges and also get involved in activities of social relevance.

With all these inputs one finds our students hardworking, practical-oriented and effective in any work environment. We have designed our syllabus to strike a balance between professional knowledge and personal skills. We are confident that our current curriculum has enabled overall development of budding optometrists to come up to the expectations of the world out there.The curriculum is taught by distinguished faculties combining academic excellence and real world experience with dedication and commitment. We are encouraged to see many job opportunities coming back to our department, which reinforces our belief in the effectiveness of our curriculum and its suitability to the dynamic work environment. With this brief introduction, I welcome you to be a part of our journey towards being a world class center of excellence in education, training and research.