The Second year students (2nd Year BSc and DOA Students) of Ahalia School of Optometry and Research Centre eagerly anticipated the Fresher’s Day event, Novato 2k24. They began preparations a month in advance, facing challenges in selecting a suitable date which led to two postponements before settling on the 9th of February, a Friday, at the AFEH Auditorium with approval from the HOD.

After extensive discussions, the students decided on the name Novato, signifying new beginnings. The event was promoted through a poster released on the 7th of February, inviting freshers from the 1st year BSc Optometry and DOA, as well as senior students and faculty members.

The program was filled with laughter and enjoyment as both students and faculty participated in various games. The day concluded with a lively dance by the entire ASO team, leaving a memorable experience for all participants.

The success of Novato was attributed to the collaborative efforts of students, faculty, and staff that supported and contributed to the event’s planning and execution. The joy and appreciation expressed by the fresher’s reflected the triumph of the Fresher’s Day celebration.